thermal fogger drone


Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution and spray it out in form of a fog.
Thermal foggers are equipped with a heat barrel that gets preheated to high temperatures using gasoline.
The fogging solution is in a liquid form, and when it gets pumped into the heat barrel, it instantly is vaporized.
This allows the fogger to produce large count of particles in extremely small size, which all together forms a dense cloud of dry fog.
The heating technique thermal foggers use allows to produce extremely tiny particles, as small as 5 microns,averaging from 5-20 micron range.
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1) Mosquito and insect control
For mosquito control the best droplet size is from 5-20 microns. Because of small droplets a thermal fogger produce, they are good for mosquito and other smaller insect control.
2) Controlled outdoor fogging
Because fog that a thermal fogger produce is thick and easily visible, you can more easily control the direction of fogging. This will make an outdoor fogging more controlled.
3) Fogging obstructed areas.
Because of small particle size, fog produced by a thermal fogger can reach in very small places such as floor gaps, cracks in walls, or into thick bushes, long grass, high tree tops and other hard to reach outdoor places.


Model JT Fogger
Net Weight 13.5kg
Take-off Weight 21.5kg
Max Take-off Capacity 25kg
Flying Time 10~15min
Flying Radius 0~1000m
Flying Height 0~200m
Flying Speed 0~12m/s
Work Temperature -10~70°C
Work Humidity 0~90%
Spray Speed 0~8m/s
Spray Width >6~10m
Chemical Tank 1.8L
Gasoline Tank 1.2L
Spray Efficiency 1500~2000sq.m/min
Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s
Wind Resistance 10m/s
Machine Size Spread Size W1.3m x L1.3m x H0.56m
Folded Size W0.8m x L0.75m x H0.56m
Power System Brushless Motor Brushless
Propeller Carbon Fiber
ESC Rapid Throttle Response
Flight Control Joyance V8.3++ FC
Remote Controller Joyance Datalink T12 RC
Battery / Quantity 6S 17000mAh / 2pcs
Adaptor + Charger 8-Channel Charger 1200W
Packing Case Aluminum Case
Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools


Intelligent Spraying FPV + LED Light
Terrain Following Radar
Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Autonomous Spraying Waypoint Marking Device
Ground Station App / Software + Radio Telemetry
Continuous Spraying Extra Batteries
Extra Charger

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