Why so big diffference in price between Joyance Sprayer Drones and Other Drones?

Many customers have doubt why there are so big diffference in price between Joyance Sprayer Drones and Other Drones.

1) What do you exactly buy?

A. Drone Frame
Drone Frame = frame + spraying system(tank + pump + tube + nozzles)
It means the shell of the drone only.
no power system(motors + ESCs + propellers);
no flight control system(FCU flight control unit + LED + GPS + PMU power management unit);
no remote controller;
no batteries;
no battery charger;
no toolkit;
no transport air box.

B. Parts
All the drone parts are complete knockdown.
you need
to weld and assemble the parts to one whole drone;
to find conflicated parts and replace them by yourself;
to set the remote control and set the flight control parameters yourself;
to solve all the problem occured before you can fly the drones.
Usually the sellers are salesman only, they don`t know how to do this also.

C. Bare Drone
Bare Drone = drone frame + power system + flight control system
no remote controller(maybe included);
no batteries;
no battery charger;
no toolkit;
no transport air box(papaer carton instead).

D. Ready To Fly
Joyance sprayer drones are ready to fly.
It means that
we have assembled all the parts and set all the parameters;
all the necessities are included, such as drone, propellers, remote controler, batteries, battery charger, spare parts, toolkit, transport air box;
and most imporatnt, before despatch, every drone is 100% tested and confirm it meets the highest standards in performance and durability.
When users get them, they only need to do simple calibration according our technician support, and then they can use them.

2) Practicable
Many sellers are not factory,
they don`t do enough reaearch and rigorous test before putting their products into market.
For example:
Someone sell 23L tank sprayer drone in very low price, but Joyance Tech think it is not practicable.
its frame is obviously not strong enough,
and the power system is only suit for 15L drones.
If you buy this and fill in 23L pesticide, and do spraying, the only result is crash.
To lift 23kg from ground, to spray with 23kg payload, they are completely different.

3) Feature

A. Efficient
Joyance sprayer drones are with much longer drone width, and much bigger spraying span.
They can spray more land in same time.
The cost is obviously higher than others.

B. Effective
Every nozzle of Joyance drones is under propeller, most effective.
Ordinary cheap drone, usually it is equiped with horizontal spraying pole, only nozzles below the drone are effective
And some Joyance sprayer drones models adopt centrifugal spray nozzles to get better spraying effect,
the cost of centrifugal spray nozzle is 10 times higher than ordinary nozzle.

C. Durable
Joyance Tech specially design aviation aluminum folding joints, suit for heavy duty work.

Joyance drone frame adopt 2mm thickness on upper plate and 2.5mm thickness on lower plate;
all the carbon fiber tubes adopt 2mm thickness.

Strong frame can gurantee your can use Joyance drones in long time, more than 5 years.
But for cheap drones, it is luck if you can use them more than 3 monthes without problem.

D. Easy to repair
What`s the farmers desire are one practicable tool.
Almost all cheap drones never think how to restore a damaged drone to continue working,
the only way is stop spraying and send the drone back to repaire, and wait them back in a long time.
Joyance drone adopt mould design, many plug are inside already, they are useless at most time,
but you can replace broken parts in one minute when necessory.
The price increase, but it is very practical. Farmers can repaire drones locally.
It can save lot of time, especially in spraying season, time is money.

Joyance spent 7 years already to research and design sprayer drones.
And now we concentrate on drone only,
Every salesperson can give technician support in time
We exported to 48 countries already, thounsands of farmers are using our drones.

Our drones have soul, we know why Joyance drones are designed like this, and what we will and what we need to do.
Wise man choose Joyance Drones.

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